Did you know that you are practically guaranteed an internship if you apply?

We place close to 300 students in internships in any given school year!


Program Description:

HERO High School’s Work-Based Learning program (WBL) is a comprehensive program that aims to effectively prepare our students for the world of work. Our Work-Based Learning program will offer tiered opportunities that guarantee every student can be included. Although our program is open to all students from the five boroughs of New York City, our typical student is from the Bronx and the majority of our work is to help the people from their neighborhood.  A certified WBL instructor will monitor each student to ensure that they are exposed to various levels of opportunities in the healthcare field. Upon completion of their experiences, all students will receive quality feedback from their supervisors who directly work in the healthcare industry. We are confident that this type of exposure will help students to be highly competent employees by the end of the 14th grade. Our highly qualified teachers will address the goals of the NYS standards by aligning their instruction throughout the year with each standard. We have an interdisciplinary approach in which students will be able to collaborate in each subject area which focuses on the NYS generation standards.

Program Philosophy:

The philosophy of HERO High School’s Work-Based Learning program (WBL) is to ensure all HERO students are able to join the world of work equipped with the 21st-century skills and experiences needed to succeed. The students from HERO High School are from all five boroughs in New York City. From the moment HERO students walk through the school doors, they are connected with HERO High School’s college and employer partners; City University of New York Hostos Community College and Montefiore Medical Center. In conjunction with the school partners and HERO staff, we are able to assist with further social mobility for HERO students and the South Bronx community. Beginning in 9th and 10th grades all students will gain career awareness and exploration which includes guest speakers, lunch and learns, career panels, career fairs, job shadowing, mentoring service-learning, and opportunities for non-paid and paid internships.  In grades, 11 – 14 students will be prepared for a rigorous WBL paid internship in a healthcare setting with our employer partner Montefiore Medical Center.   We will work together to ensure that their high school career culminates in professional employment in healthcare by offering students the opportunity to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Community Health or Nursing. Students will be able to meet the public health challenges of a changing world by working with others to address the needs of their own communities.


Program Goals:

At the end of each student’s tenure at HERO High School students will be able to:

1.     Attain crucial soft skills which are invaluable to employees

2.     Gain actual work experience and exposure

3.     Model effective work habits

4.     Reinforce academic concepts taught in school

5.     Raise awareness about the health disparities in the South Bronx

6.     Assess their own career interest and skill development needs

7.     Participate in job shadow experiences in grades 10 – 12


WBL Program Highlights

  • PAID Internships for all students beginning in the 10th Grade

  • PAID Internships at Montefiore Hospital beginning in the 11th Grade for qualified students

  • Hospital Mentors for all Nursing Students

  • Opportunity to Participate in an Paid Apprenticeship beginning in the 11th Grade through Career Wise New York