Student Life


We have a wide variety of clubs at HERO High,

including student government, Rainbow Alliance,

after-school arts programs like spoken word,

drama and mural painting, and intramural sports

like soccer and volleyball.

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We offer hundreds of paid internships in

the summer and many during the school

year. Instead of looking for a summer job,

HERO students have internship preparation

and placement support, work in the field

of healthcare while building their resumes,

AND receive a competitive wage.

Summer program

Students should plan to participate in our

summer program in July. This program

allows students to take additional classes

and learn more career-readiness skills. The

summer program is a necessity for those

students who want to be nurses and doctors.

The Arts at HERO

We know that students have to explore more

then just their career interests as they grow into

adulthood. We have a range of art teachers on

our faculty who teach classes in drama, visual arts,

and dance.

Sport teams

Our PSAL program is a priority for our campus.

If you are a serious athlete, consider trying out

for one of our championship varsity teams in

Basketball (Girls and Boys), Indoor and Outdoor

Track (Girls and Boys), Softball or Baseball. Next

year, we will have new PSAL teams in soccer and


Lots of trips – Fridays, all day trips, college trips, Ramapo, Field day

HERO students travel on a regular basis

so that they can practice their skills in real

world in environments and use our city as a

classroom. Students go on trips every Friday

afternoon to locations connected to their

regular classes and also take longer trips

for outdoor education, team building, and

college exploration.


Coming early, staying late for college class

HERO High students have full days. Plan to come

in early and stay late so you can participate

in college classes and take advantage of our

comprehensive tutoring program.

HERO High School

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Phone: 718-585-8013

Fax: 718-585-8019

Email: info@herohigh.net