Studio Art & Advanced Art

Studio Art

The course is designed for students without prerequisites. Beginners and experts are welcome. Emphasis is placed on comprehending the Elements and Principles of Art and Design. Students will explore a variety of artists, artist techniques, and materials used for drawing, painting, and mix media. Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively to create work that is meaningful and reflective of the aesthetics, cultural and historical contexts. 


Advanced Art

This course requires a Studio Art prerequisite and it is designed to provide students with the opportunity to expand on the drawing and painting concepts introduced in Studio Art. Emphasis is placed on mastery of the Elements and Principles of Art and Design. Experiences with design principles, drawing and painting techniques are elaborated to provide experienced students with opportunities to go more in depth with their work. The challenges provided in this course will provide students with the ability to become more equipped and proficient with artistic thinking, problem solving and creating.