10th Grade English

English at HERO High will help you become...


  • Humanities Connection: A college-ready researcher & writer.

  • An effective communicator.

  • An insightful reader.

  • An enlightened/empathetic individual.

Grade 10 Syllabus

Transformation is a process that requires time and consideration of multiple perspectives. Literature can help us to get a sense of these perspectives, judge their value, and assess their validity. This year’s literary analysis essay will require you to position your ideas alongside others, making them bolder and more defensible in the process.


A HERO 10th grader will be able to...


🗹  Determine the difference between what a text says and the meaning of a text, with a focus on central ideas.


🗹 Seek connections between texts through written responses and independent reading.


🗹  Analyze texts using knowledge of literary elements through structured written responses.


🗹 Gather evidence from multiple texts to support an argument.


🗹 Accurately use general academic and content-specific words and phrases.

An English Student at HERO High is always working on...

  • Persevering through challenging reading and writing assignments. 

  • Strengthening writing by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach.

  • Experimenting and playing with language.

  • Considering how an author creates meaning and influences a reader.

  • Making connections (to self, other texts, ideas, cultures, etc.)

  • Developing empathetic responses to narratives that are like and unlike our own.

  • Finding a genre that interests them and reading widely within it, for pleasure.